3D Effect Little Flower Case


-Sourcing top-notch materials, this phone case embodies quality without inflating the price, delivering premium protection for your device.
-Infused with a charming aesthetic, its design not only adds flair but also ensures your phone remains safeguarded from daily hazards.
-Shielded by a shockproof structure, your device stays secure, resilient to accidental drops or jolts, promising longevity.
-Boasting enhanced shock resistance, this case absorbs impacts effectively, fortifying your phone against unforeseen mishaps.
-Crafted with dustproof technology, it maintains your phone’s cleanliness, shielding it from dust and debris for optimal functionality.
-Built from shatterproof elements, it offers exceptional durability, deflecting cracks and fractures even under intense pressure.
-Precision-engineered cutouts grant effortless access to all ports, buttons, and features, streamlining your device’s usability.
-The sleek design accentuates your phone’s aesthetics while minimizing bulk, ensuring comfortable handling and effortless portability.
-For those craving both style and substance, this case is the epitome of chic protection, promising your phone stays safe and fashionable.


Samsung A10(M10), Samsung A10S, Samsung A20(A30), Samsung A20S, Samsung A31, Samsung A50, Samsung A51 4G, Samsung A52, Samsung A70, Samsung A71 (4G), Samsung A72, Samsung Note20, Samsung Note20Ultra, Samsung S10, Samsung S10 Plus, Samsung S20, Samsung S20 Plus, Samsung S20Ultra, Samsung S21, Samsung S21 Plus, Samsung S21Ultra, Samsung S8, Samsung S8 Plus, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus

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3D Effect Little Flower Case
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