Colourful Acrylic Beads

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-Beaded Phone Charms, can be Attached to any Phone Case.
-The Beads are Made from High Grade, Non-toxic Acrylic Material that can be Easily Threaded Together for a Beautiful Work of Art.
-The Beaded Phone Charm is not only a Simple Lanyard, but also a Good Daily Accessory.
-The Beads are Strong, Lightweight.
-Complement Your Mirror Selfies with Fun and Colorful Beaded Phone Charms.
-Simply Thread through Your Mute Button Hole or other Opening Side of Your Phone Case. Universal Lanyard for all Smartphones.
-You can Go Hands-Free with this Phone Bracelet.
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Glass beads
Acrylic/plastic beads
Polymer clay beads
Strong non-stretch cord
Approx 19cm (including the loop)

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Colourful Acrylic Beads
$1 799.00
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