MacBook Antispy Screen Protector


-Conveniently and Easily Attaches to the Surface MacBook’s Magnetic Frame. Avoids Potentially Damaging Adhesives from being used, and Eliminates any Setup Process.
-Reversible — One Side has a Matte Finish to Reduce Glare and Fingerprints. The other side is Glossy and Provides a Clearer View of the Monitor.
-Limited Viewing Angle Narrows the Field of Vision to +/- 30 Degrees, helping Keep the Information on Your Screen Private and Reducing the Chances of a Visual Data Breach in the Office or in Public.
-Integrates Seamlessly with Your MacBook’s Screen.
-Reduces Harmful Blue Light by up to 22%.
-Low Reflective Coating Reduces Glare and Improves Clarity.
-Reversible with Matte and Glossy Viewing Options. 
-Protects the MacBook’s Screen from Scratches and Damage.
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12.5 inch–277x156mm, 13.3 inch–285x179mm, 13.3 inch–294x166mm, 14 inch– 310x175mm, 15.6 inch–345x195mm, 16 inch–355x201mm, 17.3 inch–338x271mm, 17.3 inch–383x215mm

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MacBook Antispy Screen Protector
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